Some Facts About Chinese New Year

The festival date changes every year;

Every year has a zodiac animal;

During the festival comes the annual largest usage of fireworks on the planet;

The Chinese decorate everything red for Chinese New Year;

You eat dumplings for every meal, every day;

The New Year greeting in Chinese is “xin nian kuai le”;

Chinese New Year ends with the Lantern Festival.

Traditional Meals

A whole fish is a staple for New Year celebrations in China, and is intended to welcome prosperity for the entire year.


Dumplings represent wealth because of their close appearance to Chinese gold ingots, which are oval, boat-shaped hunks of gold.


A whole chicken is usually served on to represent family togetherness. As chicken is high in protein, some believe that chicken during the new year also represents rebirth.

Glutinous rice cake (nian gao)

The star of the dessert spread is glutinous rice cake, or nián gāo, which translates literally as “New Year’s cake.”


Following the circular concept, certain round fruits are eaten during Lunar New Year to encourage family unity.

Desirable Celebration Destinations

During the weeklong fair, you can see traditional Chinese decorations and folk performance, join various games, and taste authentic local snacks.


During the one and half month around the Chinese New Year, the ancient City Wall is decorated by numerous colorful lanterns in artistic shapes.


Ice and Snow World: ice and snow sculptures; outdoor sports and entertainments like ice slide, skating, skiing, snowboarding, and dragon boat race on ice.


After the family reunion dinner on the New Year’s Eve, people attend the flower fairs, where streets are lined with all kinds of blooming flowers.


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